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22 Veterans A Day Commit Suicide

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This daring mission attracted me to Mission 22 when I first heard about the group.

More specialists die by suicide each year than...

More specialists die by suicide each year than the total of U.S. military deaths in the total Iraq war and Afghanistan war combined!

Mission 22 began when a friend that co-founder Magnus Johnson served with took his own life. Magnus learned that 22 conducts a day were taking their own lives and this shocked him into action. They began with a large scale public art project in Nashville, Indiana in order for veterans and civilians to work together to increase awareness of veteran suicides.

Then they asked themselves the question: When there's a national monument honoring those who perished in virtually every war fought for our country, why could not there be a monument to those veterans who've lost the fight after coming home by taking their own lives?

So was born the moving large scale monument shown in the photograph above. Mission 22 states: "We honored 20 veterans who lost their lives here at home after serving our country overseas."

Their mission has grown to include many ways for veterans, their families and communities to locate help. Most dramatic to me would be the cutting edge healing programs which are giving outstanding results. Before we examine the therapeutic programs in more detail, let us take a look at the federal issue.

Participants end their own lives in a rate much greater than civilians. Among men, the risk for suicide in 2014 was 19% greater for Veterans compared with U.S. civilian mature men. And for women, the risk for suicide in 2014 was 250% greater among freshman than U.S. civilian mature ladies!

The Veterans Administration is putting more resources into trying to stop suicides, with an enlarged suicide hotline and enhanced mental health counselling. Still countless Veterans either don't go to a VA facility or aren't adequately helped when they perform. Thus the demand for Mission 22 and affectionate groups like them.

The speed of Veteran suicides is greatest among the youngest Veterans ages 18 - 29. However, the complete number of Veteran suicides remains much larger among elderly Veterans, simply because there are so many more older than younger Veterans. So help is needed among all Veterans age classes.

Mission 22 now has two treatment programs that focus on Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress. The objective isn't to medicate and conceal the problems that our specialists are facing but to cure them. Mission 22 site
According to Mission 22: "More than 350 Veterans have reclaimed their lives" by using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in conjunction with other modalities such as nourishment and medical massage.

Folks inhale 100% oxygen in a entire body room, where the oxygen level and atmospheric pressure could be controlled for security. HBOT has been helpful as a post-concussion remedy for football players and other athletes.

The FDA has approved HBOT for an assortment of conditions, although not yet for traumatic brain injury. But, Mission 22 has seen such great results that the team covers the cost for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress or brain injury to experience the HBOT therapy program.

A clinical study published in the Journal of Neurotrauma at 2012 demonstrated significant advantages of HBOT for both physical and psychological problems in a group of 16 Veterans with brain injuries. * HBOT is proven to aid by reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation to the brain, but there's still much more to learn about how it works.

Full Spectrum Health Center

Another cutting edge program Mission 22 uses entails bringing balance back to the body, mind and emotions. Working together with the Full Spectrum Health Center in Chicago, Veterans could be treated at home where they reside in the country. According to advanced and evaluation blood testing, an individual treatment plan is developed for each Veteran to heal imbalances in their lives and bodies.

The goal of the Full Spectrum Health Center is strong. The practice says: "Full Spectrum Health Center for Endobiogenic medication (FSH) utilizes a new approach to cure soldiers and veterans from the inside out."

"Our strategy is to understand that you are and why you suffer from specific symptoms. Utilizing the most sophisticated type of personalized medicine: Endobiogeny, our objective is to heal you, your relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and your neighborhood. Our approach relies on balancing and optimizing the four keys to wellness: Body (hormones, nerves, brain, digestion), Head (spirituality: a trip to inner wholeness), Diet (nutrition for your body's needs), Lifestyle (stress reduction, sleep, exercise)."

The Full Spectrum Health program comprises plant-based therapies, pharmaceuticals if needed temporarily to assist patients stabilize, self-integration work to get more control of thoughts, feelings and actions, and pulsed electromagnetic field treatment.


Mission 22 was set by Veterans to decrease the tragedy of Veteran suicides. They began with an emphasis on education and coordinate their efforts with numerous groups across the nation.

Mission 22 helps cover the cost for those two therapeutic programs that assist Veterans with post traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury rebuild their lives, so they're accepting donations to finance Veterans who wish to go through both of these programs. Click Here for more information.

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