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Diamonds really are a girls best friend

Close Up Photo of Grey and Diamond RingThey won't ever leave you, they won't get old and wrinkly, they do not yell at you diamonds are a girls' best friend. Although they won't keep you warm on a chilly winter night sit and listen to your hopes and dreams, they re nice to have. Every girl should have at least one great diamond, while it's in her wedding rings or a dinner ring. When purchasing that one in a life time diamond there are a number of rules to stick by to get the best you can afford.

Diamonds, real diamonds aren't affordable. However, you don't have to purchase the biggest one, nor the smallest one. The cut means exactly what style the diamond is cut, it may be oval, Melbourne FL Rat Removal, pear shaped or square cut; clarity means how clear it seems to the naked eye; colour is the colour that the diamond will give off, it may be red, yellow, brown, blue, etc., the carat is how many taps or carats the diamond. It can vary from a quarter carat up to five carats or greater. Make certain to obtain an appraisal report too, this gives the diamond authentic price.

Among the most famous diamonds of course is the Hope Diamond, some say it's more than a thousand years old, handed down from family to family or sold differently. They can come in various colors of blue and the hottest is the deep blue. There are just a few that could afford the blue diamond, so you don't see them quite often. Colored diamonds are more expensive than clear ones, but in case you've got a thousand or so lying around you can purchase a red or green diamond, which can be absolutely beautiful. Not into green or red, try the purple diamond; this one only costs around half a million, of course that's by carat weight.

Regardless of what size or colour the diamond you purchase make sure to have it analyzed by a reputable jeweler, they could let you know if it's worth the money. Many will buy old diamonds from estate sales, just make certain to have them appraised, as some people don't understand what they have.

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