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Pet Peeves

Angry Upset Pout Face Dissatisfied FacialFace it. All of us have small pet peeves we haven. We pull them out whenever we feel overwhelmed or frustrated. Sometimes, pet peeves are known to escalate into violence between perfect strangers, neighbors and friends. What is one of your pet peeves?

The pet peeve that springs to mind for me is somebody not using their turn signal when driving. All automobiles have to have them and in working state, yet each time I venture out into traffic I will see someone not using them correctly or not at all.

How much gasoline would be stored in this state if we just would just use our signs when we planned to turn? I've waited and waited for somebody coming from my lane expecting them to pass so I can turn and input traffic just to have them turn in the road I was on. Had they just signaled their intent I'd have turned and been in my way, rather I wasted a couple of seconds of gas. Now multiply that by the countless times this happens throughout our great land each and every day and it amounts to tens of thousands of gallons of imported oil being wasted...

I feel better today.

How do you address a pet peeve? Have you got a co-worker, spouse or client who pushes your hot button over some pet peeve you've got against them? Do you simply push it down and allow it to fester? Do you use sarcasm and make a wise remark? If it does not bother you, it is not a pet peeve.

Well, more accurately I do it all the time. I've caught myself changing lanes or making a move without signaling. I'm human you know. I justified my actions and preserved my own superiority by not letting everybody else be human.

Harboring a pet peeve could be harmful. It can drive a wedge into a connection. It isn't important whether it is a customer relationship or any relative, it is going to fester and grow until it erupts into a reflection of bad feelings which will hurt and kill the relationship. So how can you handle it?

Look at yourself. All of us do annoying things. All of us get on each other's nerves. We're all human. So look at yourself and your shortcomings and then consciously realize that we're all in exactly the exact same boat. All of us have faults.

Interact with others in your terms. If you have somebody especially annoying in your life be certain your interactions with him or her are in your terms. Do not let yourself get blind sided by their behavior. Make their behavior their problem not yours. If your situation requires you to be about them just interact with them when you're rested, alert, Daytona Beach FL Rat Removal, rather than distracted so that you can consciously make the perfect decisions in dealing with them. Recall being polite is the secret.

Get to know the individual that is annoying you. Sometimes in case you're able to understand where a man is coming from you can tolerate them and their behaviour simpler. A lot people have backgrounds that disability us socially. Doesn't mean we are not sincere, caring human beings. It merely means we make social errors. Getting to know someone's history goes a long way to understanding them.

I have gotten to where I simply comment on how sad it is that the fancy luxury car in front of me did not come equipped with turn signals. I then chuckle and go on to something else.

It is all right not to like certain behavior and if need be to remove yourself if possible. All to often though we must get along together for our common good. We as sellers must get together with customers. You understand. Do not allow a pet peeve eat your lunch. It's simply not worth it.

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