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Free stock photo of fashion, person, hands, loveHow do you manage to get an effective communication with your girlfriend, so it doesn't look destitute, unattractive or dull? In this article you will discover 7 golden rules of texting you can use on your text communication to prevent neediness and be attractive for your girlfriend.

1.In a long distance dating men can easily fall in the neediness snare by spamming their wives with a great deal of text messages.

If you are the person which sends her more texts than she sends you, then be sure to cut down from the amount of texts which you send her daily or encourage her to send you more texts.

2. Send and neglect!

It happens quite often that we send them a text message and then we continue checking our telephone every 5 minutes for another 3 hours, though there's no sound that states "you have got message". We still check our telephone to find out if "maybe" you did not hear the noise, or "possibly" the telephone is broken, or "possibly" she sent you a text while you're in the bathroom, etc..

I've tried many approaches to solve this matter, but the best one that's been working form me for the last 2 decades already, is the following: 1. Compose the text; two. Send it 3.

My point here is that you don't compose texts so as to return a reply. You write a text as you would like to tell her something, and THAT'S IT. You do not care if she will answer you back or not, it is her problem. Also try not to ask questions - make your text like affirmations as opposed to questions.


Texting is a excellent way to remain on the top of her mind throughout the day, but you must avoid sending her too many texts and appearing needy. You need to be sending her text, and then allowing her text you back until you send her another text.

4. Utilize diversity.

What I mean by "using diversity", is that you need to be sending her different kinds of texts, rather than the same old "love texts" that you have been sending her for the last 2 months.

For instance you might be sending her hot texts, humorous text, Critter Control Cost teasing texts, mysterious text, updates regarding your actions etc. so you keep things more varied, thus avoiding predictability and creating your text communication more fun.

Also try to be somewhat more spontaneous about texting by sending her texts at various times of the day, rather than a text around the exact same time daily.


Oh, I really like teasing. It's just an incredible way to maintain fascination with fire, and it works really good in text game.

So, teasing is having a lively vibe on your text communication. It may be making her a compliment and then taking it away, like "You are a really wise girl... Sometimes!" , or it might be something like "Really? ... I know you well, I would overlook myself too if I were you."


Do not be too eager to answer back her texts, but wait a couple of minutes before doing this.

Of course you do not need to make a habit out of this, but doing this 50 percent of occasions will make you more appealing to her. And there are two reasons for this: 1) now she will be the one to be awaiting your texts, so very excited about getting them. 2) You won't seem needy.

7. Never have text conflicts!

Texts are a really impersonal method of communicating, and can be quite easily misinterpreted. If you are having a tense communication whilst texting each other then postpone the communication until you will have the ability to talk on the telephone, or even better.

And that is the best option because otherwise, you must guess what is being said behind the words, text fighting so much longer than a regular fight, then you have the battle saved on the phone, and things which are said in anger aren't the best things to be re-read again later on.

Now, I do not wish to be overly dogmatic here. Of course these principles have their own exceptions, and given the situation you could send her 5 texts in a row, or you might have a text battle or you might be waiting for a fast reply from her.

My goal here is to provide you 7 rules of thumb that you need to bear in mind while texting your girlfriend, to be able to have a better text communication, avoid being destitute and maintain your girlfriend drawn to you. But how you use these principles will depend only on the situation and on your personal judgment.

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